Saturday, March 19, 2011

Half Marathon Week 5 - 12K

Errrh...OK, confession time.  The run today was supposed to be 13K, but I just couldn't go on any longer!  You know some days you just don't have it in you?  Today was one of those days.  I was feeling extra tired and got winded really quickly, I think because of my "new form."  I went to see my physio on Thursday, which was good timing because my foot was still hurting and my right calf muscle was really tight from last week's 16K run/10K walk bit of business.  She had me stand up to see how balanced I was and immediately noticed that I stand with my right leg almost at the midline of my body, whereas my left is in a straight line below my hip, where it should be.  I'd never really noticed it before, but totally makes sense with my foot pain and how I strike.  She showed me how I should be walking and running...and honestly, it felt like I'd just gotten off a weird!  But I guess I'd gotten so used to walking the way I was, that anything would feel weird.

So today's run was more of a practice run to test out my new form, and not so much for speed.  I really had to concentrate hard and keep things slow otherwise I'd get tired and sloppy...all throughout the run I kept having to repeat in my head "knee out, straight from body, tripod foot, take off on ball of foot, don't let foot turn in" constantly so I wouldn't lose my form.  And I think because I was running in a way that was so foreign to me, I was getting tuckered out quickly!  I didn't even bother to time myself, but I think for the 12K it took around 1:15 to finish it.  Anyways, towards the end of the run, my new form started to feel a bit more comfortable.  I know I was definitely using muscles that hadn't been used in awhile because my inner and outer thighs definitely felt more tired than usual.

So...even though today's run wasn't so hot, I'm really feeling hopeful that practicing my form combined with all the exercises I've been doing will allow me to conquer Marathon Quest 2011.  I even dared to start thinking about the marathon, and let myself imagine what it would feel like to cross that finish line in October!  I hadn't allowed myself to really think about it for a very long time....but I'm really feeling good that this is gonna be my year!

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