Saturday, March 12, 2011

Half Marathon Week 4 - 16K

Whew.  That was a tough slog out there on the run today, man.  Hubs had to be downtown at 9am, so we had to do another early morning run, so started at around 6:30am.  We decided to run downtown as we usually enjoy running along the water, and there's a shower at work so we can get tidied up afterwards.  As we stepped out of my building to start the run, a life sucking wind hit us in the face...we kind of looked at each other and said "uh oh"...rain I don't mind, but wind sucks ass!

Off we went...and overall I was really happy with my splits (except the first one...don't know what the heck happened there):

1K:  6:42
2K:  5:56
3K:  5:57
4K:  5:42
5K:  5:32
6K:  5:44
7K:  5:48
8K:  5:37
9K:  5:35
10K:  5:27
11K:  5:32
12K:  6:07
13K:  5:44
14K:  5:53
15K:  5:58
16K:  5:44

Average pace 5:49 mins/km, 1:33:01.  Not bad considering we were fighting the wind through a lot of it!  Note the 10K split...not bad, eh?  That's because we chose to run on the breakwater....normally, not scary.  On a windy day, a little scary!  The water was splashing up and coming up the side of the wall of the breakwater (I actually got splashed once) and I started really hoofing it because I can't swim and I had visions of me being swept out to sea.   At one point I looked down at my watch and I was running a 4:40 pace...nothing like a little fear to motivate, right?  Har!

Super proud of Hubs though...he ran the whole distance, the farthest since probably this summer, when he had his "broken bum" problem.  It didn't hurt him at all today!  He's been doing his exercises, so that gives me hope that if I do mine, I'll get over my foot issues.  I tried to make sure I kept my form today - foot is a little tender, and I can feel my legs really tightening up right now and getting achy.

Does anyone else ever have problems warming up after a hard run?  I haven't been able to warm up at all today.  *shiver*

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Anonymous said...

Wow awesome job with the 16 K!!

We ran along the water today with run club and it was super windy too! I felt like sometimes though it was pushing us along with was nice.

I know what you mean about the post-run cold, seriously where is the warm weather!