Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kettlebell Hell

Owwwie.  On Wednesday I went to bootcamp, where we had a kickass workout...and now my arms are super sore.  Our trainer made us do lots of upper body mixed with cardio intervals...and one of the stations was working with a kettlebell.  We had to alternate doing a clean press with a 17 pound kettlebell, and then swinging the kettlebell like the guy is in the picture for cardio.  Kettlebells are the latest hot workout, and are apparently a great cardio workout because it really raises your heart rate, swinging that thing around...and I gotta say, this was hard!  I could really feel my heart going, and the press wasn't easy left arm is definitely weaker, and right now my arm/shoulder is sore and it's reeeallly achy.  However, if it gets me super cut like the dude above, sign me up!  I'm thinking about taking a few intro kettlebell classes to see if I like it.  Love trying out next workouts!

So...Day Two of the 30 Day Challenge is up - describe where I'd like to be in 10 years.  Wow...let's that point I'll be 52.  Crazy.  That's amazing to just read that!  This is actually a really tough question to answer - and eye opening as well.  I think if I were to have posed the same question to myself 10 years ago, most of my answers would have revolved around work/career goals...and while my career is still really important to me, it's not the end all, be all.  It's so interesting to realize how my priorities have changed so much.  So...where would I like to be in 10 years...

 - I'd like to have travelled Europe and Asia (tour China, Vietnam) - Hubs and I dream of doing a food tour - travelling and eating our way across the world

 - Debt free!!  We're projected to finish paying down our mortgage within about 10 years...can't wait!

 - still running, active and healthy - hopefully I'll have completed multiple marathons by this point, and set some blazing PBs.

 - happy and challenged at my job, whatever that may be.  I would love to turn my passions in life (health and food/cooking) into my career, but not sure how I'd do that...they don't mix that well with accounting...ha!  But I'd love to see that turn into a reality.  What could be better than getting up everyday and doing what you love?

Huh.  That's kinda it!  Super boring, eh?  Hee hee.

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