Saturday, March 26, 2011

Half Marathon Week 6 - 13K

Just realized that there's only another six weeks to go before I look for half marathon redemption!  This morning I was lazing about in bed before our run, and I was thinking that I wasn't going to be able to sleep in much longer - marathon training starts pretty much right after the half, and during the summer we had to get out there early or we'd wilt in the hot summer sun.   Anyways, we enjoyed our sleep in and got out there around 10-ish or so.

Oy VEY, the first few kms were really hard!  The trail is slightly uphill for the first probably 4K or so, so for the first bit both Hubs and I struggled to get our feet moving and get into a groove.  Actually it was funny because both of us complained about this today, and I was reading my latest Canadian Running magazine and this guy they interviewed said that no matter if you're an elite runner or a beginner, the first few minutes of running are always hard, which is why he thought that a lot of people say they hate running if they're first trying to get into it.  I can see it!  It took until about the sixth km before I started feeling good.  So I wasn't going to post my splits today, but I had to cuz I'm going to brag just a teeny tiny bit.

1K:  5:52
2K:  5:48
3K:  5:44
4K:  5:37
5K:  5:22
6K:  5:36
7K:  5:18
8K:  5:43
9K:  5:42
10K:  5:43
11K:  5:18
12K:  5:56
13K:  5:00 <------HELLO!!!!!

Check out the last split!!  Where the heck did that come from!?  Overall stats, 1:12:43, average 5:35 mins/km pace.  Wooot!!  My goal pace to reach a sub 2 hour half is 5:41 mins/km, so if I could keep that average pace up, I'd hit a 1:57 half marathon.  *crossing fingers* 

Other good news - getting more used to my "new form" and no foot pain today.  Pretty awesome.  Going to see my physio on Monday, so I think she'll be happy with my progress.  This week I'm going to start throwing in some tempo runs and speedwork too, as we do tons of hills at bootcamp.  Oak Bay Half, here I come!

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Hunnybee said...

Well hello Speedy McSpeederson!
Awesome splits and that last one is amazing.