Monday, March 7, 2011

The Mental Marathon

Alrighty - I'm fully into the marathon frame of mind...I know I've said before that I was back, but I don't think I was all there, at least not mentally.  For the past few weeks, a small part of me kept thinking in the back of my mind, "OMG...I have to do all that training again?!" and "what if the same thing happens again?!...but no more.  Self doubt, begone!  This weekend's awesome run is giving me hope that I can PR the half marathon...and I've got the fire back in my belly to complete the marathon this year.  I was reading a blog earlier today (dang...can't find it now to link to!!) about a first time marathoner at the 2010 Goodlife Victoria Marathon - the same marathon that I was supposed to have done, but had to drop out of five weeks before the race due to injury.  As I read the blog, I felt an angry rush of tears like it was yesterday - the feeling of being that close and having to give up my goal was still right there, just below the surface.  Now don't get me wrong - I love to read about runners completing their first marathons and would never begrudge anyone - but I admit I feel the pangs because I wish it were me.  I had imagined so many times in my mind what it was going to be like when I crossed that finish line.  There's a saying that goes "the marathon is the reward for your training".  Sounds odd, but it's so true - the hard part isn't the race, it's the time and training to get to that point.  I was so dang close to that reward, I could taste it! 

So - I'm doing everything in power to make sure I do this.  I'm working on my nutrition, I'm back at the workouts hardcore, and I'm working with my physio to get my body in balance so I can run and train injury free.  I will do my exercises and stretching slacking.  Discipline is the word of the day.  Marathon redemption - here I come!


Hunnybee said...

Woot Woot!
Congrats on getting over the barrier. Can't wait to read all about it.

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