Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Wake Up Call

I can't get over the total and utter devastation that's hit Japan.  As more and more videos and news comes out of that region, the more horrifying it is to see what's happening.  I really hope that this is a big wake up call for Victorians to get prepared for the possibillity of an earthquake - we're right in an earthquake zone - but as with human nature, there's always a sense of complacency that it'll never happen and we go on with our daily lives.

I think the first bit of a wake up call for Victorians was the earthquake in Christchurch - Victoria apparently is very similar in look, feel and age of buildings, so there was a lot of coverage on that particular earthquake because it was potentially telling of what we could face.  Then this recent earthquake I think has us really sitting up and taking notice - firstly because northern Vancouver Island had tsunami warnings and advisories (thank goodness everything is fine) and secondly because it showed us the complete havoc that an earthquake of that magnitude could wreak. 

Coincidentally, we actually just had an earthquake preparedness coordinator from the City come and give my office a talk on how to be prepared and gave us some fantastic information.  I went home to tell Hubs, and the earthquake kit was on the list of things to do and get around to.  Now with what's happened in Japan, it's a priority.

So this isn't to say that I think that Victorians should live their lives hunkered down in their houses, in total fear that the "big one" is going to hit.  We live in an earthquake zone, and the best thing we can do is be as prepared as we can, but continue to live our lives.  Now for those in Japan...I'm keeping my ears out for what we can do to help...I've made a donation to the Canadian Red Cross (if you're interested, here's the donation link) but am ready to do more.  Seeing this really makes me realize what's important in life.


Jen said...


My name is Jen and I work for the Canadian Red Cross. Thank you for supporting our Japan earthquake appeal. We really appreciate it.

We would love to continue to connect with you. You can find us on Twitter (@redcrossBC, @redcrosscanada), Facebook (, and our blog is

Thank you once again for your support!

Cindy said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks for touching base! Just wanted to say how much we appreciate what your organization does - thank you for what you do every day.