Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Me to the Greek

I found me a new snack!  Well, OK...I might not be able to have it all the time...OK maybe not often at all...darn tootin' dairy sensitivities...but for those times I'm craving something creamy, this might just be the thing that'll fit the bill.  I've finally gotten on the greek yogourt bandwagon - I'd read about this stuff years ago but for some reason Canada is really slow on the uptake and grocery stores are only just starting to make greek yogourt more widely available.  This brand - Liberte's fat free plain - is good stuff.  Fat free, only 5 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein per 175 gram serving - that's a massive whack of protein in a small serving!  Basically the perfect post workout snack with the high protein content, and would make a great breakfast as protein helps keep you full.  Hmmm, must get Hubs to eat this more often as I'm trying to reduce his carbs and up his protein intake. 

So how does this stuff taste?  It's a bit tart due to the lack of fat...full fat Greek yogourt is to die for and almost like soft cream cheese...so I add a spoonful of no sugar added jam just to sweeten things up.  But overall, it's pretty good...and I kinda like that it comes unflavoured so I can control the sweetness.

I'm sold.

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lilmeg said...

I LOVE this stuff! It's almost impossible to find in my city though. It's GONE as soon as they stock the shelves. I haven't been able to get any in over a month!

I use it instead of sour cream (since it has more protein). With berries it is DELISH!