Friday, March 11, 2011

A Sneaky Hate Spiral Kinda Day

(credit for pic -  Hyperbole and a Half)

It doesn't happen that often, but today I'm officially in a bad, bad mood.  Like black.  Blacker than black maybe even, if that's possible.  I'm generally a pretty even keeled kinda girl and most days I'm pretty chipper, but some days it's like every single thing makes me want to go apeshit.  To get a feel of the kind of day I had, check out Hyperbole and a Half's Sneaky Hate Spiral... it pretty much describes perfectly how I feel (seriously, this girl is genius!).  Little things kept piling up on each other - irritating emails, demanding clients, self-centred people, awkward sweat inducing moments, insensitive people, more irritating emails - you name it, it happened.  I barked at my poor Hubs...and even he looked at me and said "why are you so crabby?"  Sigh.  I know I've crossed the line when my ever patient Hubs even tells me off.

Can't wait for our run tomorrow to blow off some steam.

PS.  Crazy about what's happening in  Japan...I'm keeping them in my thoughts.

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lilmeg said...

This was me today.

And Hyperbole and a Half just may be the best thing on the internet. I've been following her for awhile, and I'm pretty sure she keeps writing about my broken-in-the-head dog.