Sunday, October 3, 2010

10 Days Blogging - Day Six

Muahuahuahua!  Yes, I'm a bad, bad girl...I was looking around on the internet for good "six" pictures....and I had a choice between Mr. Six Pack and this one....

Now while it's very pretty, it just didn't have the....impact...that the other one had.  No?

Day Six's post - name five people who mean a lot to me.  OK, I'm going to change this up a bit and group some people, cuz I have tons of people in my life who mean a lot to me...and I ain't gonna pick and choose.  So there.
  1. Hubs - of course.  He's a wonderful guy that is so, so supportive - he trained with me for the marathon even though he wasn't running it and would spend the 3 plus hours with me in the blazing heat so I'd be safe.  Plus he does the toilets when we clean the house - what's not to love about that??
  2. My friends - I'm so lucky to have the friends I do - ones that are willing to read me blather on and on about my running, listen to me vent when I need to, or take care of me when I've had one too many jagerbombs (you know who you are!).  You guys are the best.
  3. My family - I'm so thankful to my parents for doing the best they could to provide for my brother and I when we were kids.  I didn't appreciate it back then...but when I think about how hard they worked so we could have a roof over our heads, I'm eternally grateful.  They both immigrated to Canada from China, not knowing the culture or the language and working shift work at shit jobs so we could make a life here in this awesome country. And I'm thankful for my big bro, who I know is always there for me.
  4. My inlaws - yes, my inlaws!  Of course as with all family relationships, my in laws can get on my nerves...but overall, we get along pretty well.  My parents and my inlaws also get along famously and we spend Thanksgiving and Xmas's together where we can.  We're kinda like an Asian Norman Rockwell painting...har.
  5. My personal coach - even though I don't see her anymore, she helped me through an incredibly stressful time and essentially changed my life.  When I first started to see her, I was a little ball of stressed out, toxic crap.  Through many sessions and some difficult conversations, I've left a lot of that behind and I deal with things so differently now.  Working with her was definitely one of the turning points in my life. I ever lucky.  :)

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