Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TSN Turning Point

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the DJs were talking about their "TSN Turning Point".  I'd heard of the show before - TSN used to include a feature on every hockey broadcast where they would show the highlight that most influenced the outcome of the game...the segment is long gone, but TSN Turning Point has come to mean the most significant or major life altering event in one's life.

Hmmmm.  This got me to thinking - what was my TSN Turning Point?  I think it was four years ago when I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had a big bald patch on my scalp where my hair had totally fallen out.  It was sort of on the side and I couldn't really see it, so I was completely shocked when I realized just bad it was.  I was pretty darn stressed out back then and that really hit it home for me how unhappy I was.  What had I become?  I fell into a bad funk that I'd let things get that bad and only through some pretty intense work with my personal coach did things get better. 

It was during this funk that I decided that I really had to pull myself together and as Cher says "Snap out of it!!"  My health came first, no ifs and or buts.  It was through this decision that I found my passion for running and healthy food...and more recently, how much I love writing this blog.  So a crappy time turned out to be a great thing overall because it forced me to make some significant life changes.  So really, I'm strangely kind of happy that it happened because I never would have discovered these things that I love.  Weird how the world works, huh? 

So - what's your TSN Turning Point?


Renata said...

...and there was that friend of yours who came along and 'saved' you from that hell! still waiting for that drink you owe me man! {{HUGS}} miss you this week - SO MUCH!

Angie said...

TSN Turning Point... there have been many for the many different phases of my life! And thank you for the blog topic idea (o;

Who we are today is a result of the good and the bad in the past... you are so being rewarded for all that bad stuff now. Heck, you might not even go to hell anymore!