Monday, October 25, 2010

Bloggie Block

So a question to other bloggers out there - do you ever run out of ideas?  Or have writer's block?  Last week I couldn't think of anything to write about...and when I did get an idea, I wrote the entry and never posted it because it just didn't quite say what I was so eloquently trying to express.  Some days stuff flows from my fingertips easily, and some days it's like pulling teeth.  Bleh.  Then all of a sudden, there were post inspirations everywhere...I'd be walking along and shazam!  An idea would jump out at me.  I'd be watching TV and pow!  Another idea would slap me upside the head.  I had so many coming at me that I actually had to jot them all down in an unposted blog entry, to keep track of them all.  Ooooh, you lucky, lucky people.

Today's topic?  I was reading this entry from Ben Does Life and it got me all riled up (but in a good way).  Basically, he has readers who want to run races but are afraid...either afraid to be seen because they're embarassed about being overweight, or embarrassed about being slow.  I vehemently agree with him that no one, and I mean NO ONE is looking at you and judging you.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.  After I finished the half at the Goodlife Victoria Marathon, I went back to watch the marathoners come in and was treated (yes, that's right...treated) to the chance to watch the 3 hours plus half marathoners cross the finish line.  I guarantee you no one was scoffing at them, no one was looking at their weight or their age or anything for that matter.  People were clapping and cheering each other on because we're all running in each other's footsteps - there's this sense of camraderie at a race that you just don't get at other events.  I decided then and there that I wanted to volunteer at a race (hopefully at the finish line) because seeing the happiness on these people's faces was indescribable.  Seriously.  There really is something magical about a race. 

So please...if you're thinking about doing a race but are scared...or actually if you want to start any kind of exercise program but are concerned about what you look like or what others think - take the leap of faith and just do it. 

Oh...and if you do hear anything less than positive? Let me know, cuz they're going to get a mouthful of my fist.  Just sayin'.

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