Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Stretch

Two more days to go!  I'm kinda getting excited about the race - I love the atmosphere and general buzz that surrounds race weekend.  M, A (another coworker/runner who's volunteering) and I went down to go pick up our race packages - holy tons of people, man!  We got our stuff, cruised through the Race Expo quickly and said our "see you Sundays!".  I met up with Hubs after he got off work and took him to the Race Expo as there was a booth that had a physio guy who could do a gait analysis on us.  Both Hubs and I are interested so he's going to go next week but I'll likely wait until next year as I've used up the majority of my benefits this year.  I think we'd really benefit from it and at the very least I'm sure it wouldn't hurt especially if we continue running....we've had our fair share of injuries so we're pretty much ready to try anything.

So this year's race is being livestreamed here  on Sunday morning...if you're up, check it out!  I'm hoping to come down the chute anywhere hopefully between 9:30 and 9:45.  I told R to look out for the little Asian all dressed in black...and as I pass under the camera I'll do some "yo, yo R - peace out!" gang signs so she knows it's me.  Ha!  I'm soooo super hoping that my foot holds out.  It's been bugging me again today, and I'm not feeling super swell again...headache is back and I'm alternating hot and cold again plus I'm crazy tired right now. OK, Ms. Body - I treat you pretty darn well, so I just need you to hold out until Sunday and then do what you will!  I'm massaging the foot and am going to try to keep off it as much as possible tomorrow and will continue with my herbal assault on any nasty germies that are trying to take over...germs, begone!


Angie said...

Just remember - no barfing!

Renata said...

Hey! the livestreaming was awful! they kept switching between 2 cameras - one good, one totally obscured by photographers and volunteers. I watched from 915 to 950 but just couldn't see you...:O( D. looked up your time though and it seemed pretty freakin' awesome to me! way to go Wong!!! {{HUGS}}R.

Cindy said...

Hey!! I looked up and did my R gang signs but yeah...I checked out the livestreaming and it was crap! I crossed at around 9:45 but there were a ton of people coming in around then so I was likely obscured! Thank you for looking for me though!! :) I'm pretty happy with my time all things considered!