Sunday, October 3, 2010

10K - Taper Time!

Yay - taper time! So far I haven't been hit by taper madness...I'm quite enjoying the lower mileage runs and am looking forward to the race next week.  Hubs and I ran around the hood yesterday as neither of us wanted to get stuck out somewhere if our injuries start acting up.  I think the rear ender I had is causing me some lower back problems...a few days after the accident, my lower back started bugging me but I didn't really put two and two together as I was more concerned about my right shoulder.  I can hear it popping when I stand sometimes, and it really bothers me when I go from sitting to standing. I could really tell something was wrong yesterday - I was out in the garden weeding, and after stooping for a bit I could barely stand up at times.  I've NEVER had issues with my lower back - all my problems have been with my upper back/neck so I'm a bit pissed off about it.  When I went to see my physio last week and asked her to check me out, she said my pelvis was twisted.  Strangely though - I feel better after I back was bugging me on Friday, but after I came back from a lunch hour run it felt a lot better.  Who knows.  Sigh.

Anyways, the run yesterday was great - I wanted to run at a faster pace as all our LSDs have been really slow...I wasn't sure if I even had it left in me!  I set out determined to have all sub 6:00 splits:

1K - 5:42
2K - 5:43
3K - 5:29
4K - 5:34
5K - 5:45
6K - 5:25
7K - 5:42
8K - 5:48
9K - 5:36
10K - 5:51

Average - 5:44....woot!  I'd be happy if I held that kind of pace for the half next week.  Here's hoping!


Angie said...

Hey... what happened to days four and three?

Cindy said...

hmmm...aren't they in the archive? I did them last Wed/Thurs...

Angie said...

Sorry... I meant day 6 (with 5 things) and day 7 (with 4 things) or however that flow was going. You stopped for a couple of days and it threw me off... I was looking for the updates!