Saturday, October 2, 2010

He·ro [ heerō ] Definition: Terry Fox

If you have the chance to watch the documentary "Into the Wind" - do it.  I'd recently read some stuff in the paper about this documentary, which was put together by Steve Nash and Ezra Holland.  My interest was immediately piqued, as I have the utmost respect for Steve Nash....a good old Victoria boy, who's gone off to do incredible things and who still seems humble...a hero in his own right.  One of Steve's heroes is Terry Fox, so he decided he wanted to put together a documentary about Terry and his Marathon of Hope.

All I have to say is absolutely inspiring.  As soon as we finished watching it, I knew I had to write about it.  We all know who Terry Fox is, but when you really think about what this guy did at the age of 22, he defines what a hero is.  He ran 3,339 miles in 143 days - a marathon a day, on ONE LEG.  I can't even fathom what that would have been like.  When I think about the extra body motion and energy required to do his hop-skip step, it boggles my mind.  When you see the shoes he's wearing, they're not super high tech shoes that they have nowadays...these things are practically racing flats.  He's not wearing technical gear, but a plain cotton t-shirt and sweats.  He ran in the freezing cold, he ran through humid 90 degree heat...he continued on as people purposely tried to run him off the road.  He did all this while doing multiple speaking engagements each day to raise money to cure cancer.  Amazing.

Please watch this documentary if you can - it's extremely well done (kudos Steve) and of course, a completely compelling story.  Oh.....and you'll need a BOX of kleenex for this one, I pretty much was in tears from beginning to end.  The Terry Fox Run is definitely going to be on my list of runs next year - after watching this, both Hubs and I decided to do it every year going forward.  Thank you Terry.

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