Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  T-minus Two Days

I have two more days of freedom until I weigh in and my life is over...KIDDING!  Actually, I'm kind of excited to get started - I haven't been eating great and having lots of "last hurrahs" throughout the week (hello hedgehogs..hee hee) so am looking forward to eating properly again.  I've been thinking about what our meals are going to be - I see lots of veggies, complex carbs and lean proteins in our future.  Lunches and dinners are pretty easy, but I have a really hard time with getting protein for breakfast since I can't have dairy or eggs.  I think I'll be doing more smoothies with vegetable protein since it's not good to have too much soy either.  I bought a new product that I have yet to try, so will blog more about it once I get a chance to test it out.

2.  Ow

I swear - this could be used as an instrument of torture...

Holy crap, I used the foam roller for the first time tonight and it KILLS!  I've been having some really bad lower back/glute pain lately - unfortunately I think the rear-ender I had last month has messed up my back and some days it hurts badly to sit for too long.  Once I'm up and moving I'm OK, but going from sit to stand is really painful.  It was bothering me a lot today so I decided to test out the foam roller we have, that Hubs got for his broken bum (piriformis).  Thing looks innocuous, right?  I positioned myself on it, got it under my bum/hip and started to roll and I almost went through the roof.  Zoiks! Thing works like a hot damn...I like it!

3.  Puppypuppypuppypuppy

OMG, cutest thing ever!!  My coworker M is the proud new mummy of a chocolate lab puppy named Finn, so she brought him into the office today.  So unbearably cute.  He's all roly poly chubby puppy right now, so sweet. day I'll get my greyhound!

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