Friday, October 15, 2010

See How She Runs do you remember that episode of Friends about Phoebe and how she runs? Yup, that's me.

At the half, Hubs took a video of me as I ran past him and headed towards the finish line. As I watched it, I thought hmmm...I sure move my upper body a lot. I proceeded to grill my poor Hubs about my running style and being the good boy he is, said no no...of course I don't run funny, I'm as graceful as a gazelle...or something to that effect, hee hee. I was mollified at his answer so let it go. Plus I couldn't really see as a lot of people were running past so didn't get the full effect of how I run.

A few days later, I get an email that the race photos are out, so I check it out. Well, a new feature of this year's race is that they have this little 30 second video clip, which shows you crossing the finish line. Cool, right?

Super NOT cool!!! I watched in horror as I come down the chute, my arms are all over the place (granted I was trying to raise them in victory as I crossed the finish line but I was so exhausted it looked like I was flailing). I'm running like I've been riding a horse, my legs are really wide apart, almost like I'm squatting. Then it hit me...I totally run like Phoebe!! Gazelle, nothing! Argh. As I continue to watch the video, people are all blowing past me to the finish line. And just as I pass the finish line, I half stumble because I'm so tired. Le sigh. The moment is now immortalized in celluloid. Even my usually stoic Hubs giggled as he watched it and then tried to hide the fact that he was giggling. The only cool thing was that you could see me do my Asian gang signs for R! Well...OK, I know it was Asian gang signs, but most people probably thought I was having a seizure or something.

Oh well. Even if I do run funny - I love running and I ain't gonna stop. Didn't stop Phoebe, right?

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Angie said...

Um... shouldn't you be posting these photos for your fans?