Monday, October 18, 2010

Back at Bootcamp

Man, it's weird...I'm in the worst shape and best shape of my life at the same time.   My running is definitely the best it's ever been...but I pretty much suck at everything else!  I'm definitely feeling soft and gishy so need to get back to building back some more muscle.  I went to bootcamp for the first time in six weeks - combination of injury, marathon training, crazy traffic and summer hours at work kept me away so I was kinda excited to be one of my oldest friends D goes to bootcamp with me (actually, she introduced me to it).  Anyways, I pretty much sucked.  We were doing all sorts of exercises like burpees, jump squats and weight work and I was tired and winded in the first 10 minutes.  Everything burned.  It always surprises me how quickly you can lose your fitness!

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