Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Counting Down

A week and  half more to go until I start the 10 Pound Challenge.  I seriously am craving everything under the sun, likely because I'm going to be cut off from all that is delicious and tasty in the world.  I know, I's only 8 weeks...and I'll still allow myself one free meal on Saturdays.  I know food is 80% of the battle, so I've got to really clean up my eating and once I do that hopefully the 10 pounds will just meeelllt off me like butter, right? 

The good thing is that my coworker J is also working at losing weight and is targetting to finish at the end of December, so I've got a partner in crime.  It's hard to resist stuff during the holiday season, so I won't feel so alone when I have to say no to that glass of wine (argh) or that chocolate (double argh).  I'm kind of excited to get started actually - I'm tired of the chub rub!  I'll have to really work hard on planning our meals to make sure we're getting enough protein - good old Hubs has agreed to do the food/exercise with me so that's awesome too.  Always nice to have support!  Hubs is already planning our "Last Supper" on Oct 30th (day of the weigh in) as I'm going to officially start on the 31st....knowing Hubs, it's gonna be a doozy!  Heh.

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