Saturday, September 25, 2010

0K - I Hate You, Mr. Podiatrist Man

Last night the toe was super throbbing so I texted M to let her know of my plight...and that I'd text her in the morning to let her know if it was runnable.  During the night I'd move in my sleep and brush it ever so slightly on the blanket and I'd snap awake, it was so painful.  I'm soooo mad at Mr. Podiatrist Man...I curse him with all the ancient Chinese voodoo magic that I can muster.  Anyways, I texted M this morning to jam, and I'm glad I did...I had to go out grocery shopping and wore flip flops as any enclosed toe was bad...and even walking in flip flops hurt.  I definitely don't think I could have done a 20K run on it and I'd hate to mess up M's run again so I cancelled.  Argh.  Missing today's run isn't going to hurt my race - I know I can do the half distance but still...I hate not getting my exercise in!

You that I think about it.... things like this are always happening to me before a's like the Universe doesn't want me to run or something.  Before the 10K race that I did last year, I smashed my baby toe in the door frame about 6 weeks before the race.  I think that was probably the most pain I've ever felt (note however, I've never given birth) - I instantly crumpled to the ground in a heap, holding my foot with tears in my eyes.  It was black and blue and hurt like crazy...luckily it healed enough for me to race, but it probably took almost three months for it to get back to normal.  Then about a week before the 10K, I got a badly infected ingrown toenail.  For last year's half marathon, three weeks before the race my back went out really badly - I couldn't turn my neck at all and could barely get out of bed and had to see the chiropractor multiple times a week to get it into shape so I could race.  Now this year before the marathon, I caught a cold and I'm having all these stupid foot problems. 

Hmmm....what to do, what to do.  I think I'm going to go for some running karma of some kind...put something good out there.  My thoughts - I'm going to look for volunteer work.  I originally mentioned that I'd do it if the Universe let me run the marathon - but lately I've been thinking a lot about it.  Life is busy (I honestly don't know how people with kids do it) and it's hard to find time to volunteer but if everyone thought that way, the world would be a pretty sucky place.  I'm so very, very fortunate - I have a roof over my head, can put food on the table and have great family/friends, so I want to give back somehow.  Here I go - this is going on my 2011 goals so wish me luck in finding something that fits with my values!

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