Saturday, September 11, 2010

28K - Shit

Sorry for the profanity, guys....but that's how I'm feeling and...well, it's my blog and I can cry if I want to!

We went out for our long run this morning - Hubs and I started out at 6am for 8K, met up with M as she had a 20K run scheduled and I had a 28K run to do this week.  We were heading out on this great trail in Victoria called Lochside Trail, which goes all the way up the peninsula.  Very flat and very scenic.  Hubs' sciatica is still an issue so he ran another 2K with us and turned around, so he got a 12K run in and M and I continued on.  This was where things were still good.

At around the 14K point I could feel my foot ache a bit, but I pressed on thinking it'd be fine.  By 18K, I had to start taking walks breaks as the foot was starting to hurt.  By 20K, I could barely run anymore and had to finally call it quits at 21K.  There's a little shopping centre at that point luckily, so I could use the phone at the restaurant to call a taxi to come get me.  Note to self:  if I'm going on a run like that again, I'll carry my cell phone with me.  Another note to self:  never darken Adrienne's Tea House again (yes, sue me if you want to, owner of Adrienne's Tea House at Mattick's Farm in Victoria, British Columbia)...I very nicely asked to use their phone and it was like I'd asked them to give me a free meal or their first born.  The looks and treatment I got were NOT nice.  I had to ask them for a phone book too, as I had to call a cab - the girl just grabbed the book and just handed it to me without a word.  WTF?  Grr.

The cab came quickly - and took me back to where I'd parked my car.  Thank god, I'd taken my whole wallet with me and not just my Driver's License.  I'm icing the foot now and taking an Advil - but really hurts to walk and I'm limping badly.  On the drive home I was pretty upset - I have 4 weeks to go and now I'm injured and not sure if I can do the marathon - there was no way I could continue on today.  I've got another physio appointment booked this Tues, as a 'just in case' kind of thing so I'll be going for sure to see if there's anything I can do. 

So I'm feeling down in the dumps right now and kinda weepy.  "Shit" is where I'm at right now.  It's been a lot of training and long hours - and I feel bad as poor Hubs has been right there with me, getting up early and sacrificing a lot of his time too. And I really, really wanted this - it's pretty much been all I've been focussing on for the last four months.  I'm praying to the running gods right now for some magical foot healing but I think this marathon quest might be least for this year.  I'm don't mind pushing my body a bit, but I'm not willing to push and injure myself so badly that I can't run for months or at all - because that would be worse than missing out this year's marathon - and stupid.  I'm not giving up though...if it doesn't happen this year, it WILL happen at some point - and it'll just mean that much more. If there's anything this little Asian lady is, it's stubborn and tenacious!


Angie said...

Hey... you... none of that feeling guilty shite! You and hubs are both working so hard for the marathon and the other things you love - eating great food and staying healthy. Nothing about sacraficing there!
Hang in there... you are indeed stubborn and tenacious... but you are also wise. You will do what is right and you have a bunch of us in your support network that will back you the whole way!

Renata said...

Although I'm definitely in the "marathons are crazy" camp, I am feeling really badly for you right now! I know how committed you are to this and I really admire that... but, if the body says no, it's for a reason - pain is there to inform! hopefully your physio can help? HUGS!! hope to see you tomorrow for puppy kisses...