Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Name is Cindy, and I Have a Problem

I was stalking perusing some blogs earlier today and noticed an interesting post that Amanda over at Run to the Finish had written about exercise addiction.  She was reading an article about it and was wondering about if she was an addict.  She included some sample questions so I thought it might be interesting to see if I'm considered "an addict":

I have missed important social obligations and family events in order to exercise - no, but I will make adjustments in my schedule to fit it in i.e. get up earlier

I have given up other interests, including time with friends, in order to make more time to work out - no

Missing a workout makes me irritable and depressed - yes

I only feel content when I am exercising or within the hour after exercising - no

I like exercise better than sex, good food, or a movie -- in fact there's nothing I'd rather do - emphatic NO.  Nothing trumps eating good food in my books!

I work out even if I'm sick, injured, or exhausted. I'll feel better when I get moving anyway - no if I'm sick or injured - yes if I'm just tired

In addition to my regular schedule, I'll exercise more if I find extra time - no

Family and friends have told me I'm too involved in exercise - ha!  yes

I have a history (or a family history) of anxiety or depression - no

Hmmm, so three yes's.  OK, so here is the blurb on what the quiz means:

"If you have checked three or more of these items, you may be losing your perspective on exercise. Exercise is healthy as long as it is in balance with a full life. It is recommended individuals who answer yes to three or more of the above items consult with a mental health professional or doctor for assistance."

Wow, so I need to go see a shrink for my "addiction".  Ha ha!  I know family and friends who aren't runners think that those of us who are training for marathons are a little insane and may see it as weird or an addiction.  I definitely do make time for exercise - it's a priority for me...but as I've said before, it's all about having balance and I'm working towards that all the time.  I admit - I'm addicted to endorphins and being healthy...and I'm addicted to the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a race or have a great run.  I suppose there's worse things I could be addicted to!  I definitely do spend a lot of time running, but it's for a specific goal - once the marathon is over, I won't be doing 3.5 hour runs for fun.  At least I don't think I will...baahaaaa! 

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