Friday, September 24, 2010

Four for Friday

I couldn't decide what to post about today, so I thought I would do a variation of the "three things Thursday" that I see a lot of in bloggie land.  Yes, I posts should be one topic per to the hand...

1.  Beware of Mr. Podiatrist Man

I apologize in advance if any of you out there are podiatrists, or have podiatrists as family members - I don't mean to diss any of you, I'm just a little upset at Mr. Podiatrist Man.  As I posted yesterday, I went to see him because my left toenail was bugging me.  He trims up both toenails (I don't know why in retrospect...the right one wasn't bugging me) left toenail is feeling OK, right one is now red, throbbing and I believe is rapidly becoming infected.  WTF, Mr. Podiatrist Man?  I am soaking it in hot salt water and coddling it as I'm supposed to go for a run with M tomorrow.  My feet are no end of trouble!

2.  Full Moon

I don't know what is up with today...but I got into a huge fight with Hubs this morning, felt cranky at work all day, got home and cranked at Hubs as I still hadn't forgiven him for this morning and am alternating between weepy and surly tonight.  I think it's a full moon or at least I hope it is, cuz otherwise I'm going crazy.  I need a drink.

3.  Porn

Ha! Made you look!  Not normal porn, but food porn.  I bought Vikram Vij's latest cookbook today, Vij's at Home...

Vikram Vij has a world famous restaurant named Vij's in Vancouver, with Indian cuisine that is apparently amazing.  Not really fusion...I think it's more authentic but modern.  I have his first cookbook and it's pretty complicated - this one is more homestyle Indian cooking.  Look for some recipe posts as I work my way through this book.  I'm so, so, sooooo looking forward to thumbing through it slowly tomorrow night with a nice whiskey or port in hand.  There's nothing I love more than getting a cookbook and looking at each recipe, and imagining in my head what it's going to taste like.  OK, I'd better stop talking about this now before I get carried away.  Heh.

4.  Getting My Om On

Seriously...if you haven't tried yoga, I can't say enough about it.  Last night was our second class for this session, and we had to go around and say what we got out of last week's class.  Everyone said they felt amazing afterwards.  Some people felt calm, others had the best sleep they'd had in ages...others felt physical improvements after one class!  I said that I didn't do any yoga for about three weeks and I really missed it and was so thankful to be back at it - it's become part of my routine and I truly love it.  The instructor was talking to her husband about what is it about yoga that makes people feel so good after...and her husband hit it right on the head.  The physical stuff, of course, makes your body feel good.  But while you're practicing and focussing on your body and your breath, your mind gets a chance to rest and stop the normal hamster wheel type stuff that happens so it's a whole body experience.  Even though I get stress relief with running, I find it's completely different with yoga.  Namaste!

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Angie said...

Full moon indeed... the world was on edge!
Yoga... I so want to try it one day soon. Might have to pull out my own Yoga for Meditation book and start doing that again. Hey, ya, good idea me!