Monday, September 6, 2010

No Labour Today

I must say it one more time - man, I love long weekends.  And I almost don't mind that it's grey and rainy today - sort of a good introduction to the Fall.  I had planned on going for a run today, but woke up exhausted (even after a pretty good sleep) with a screamer headache and slight chills again - exactly what I felt like last Monday.  Le sigh.  Against my better judgement, I almost went for the run...but Hubs was not wanting to run outside in the pouring rain so he's running on the treadmill whilst I sit next to him and blog my little  heart out.  I seriously am feeling super guilty as there's only 33 days left to the race but seems like I'm still not really over this bug.

I emailed the running coach who designed the running program I'm following (Bruce Deacon) to see how I should rejig my running schedule to fit in the 35K run.  He emailed me back quickly (awesome!) and said that he wouldn't try to make up the run or change things up, but to just return to the training schedule when I'm ready.  He noted that his training plan called for two 32K runs and one 35K run, specifically as it will help on race day and also in case we have to miss one of the really long runs due to injury, illness, etc.  A lot of plans I see only have one 32K run before tapering so I asked him as I was curious.  He cautioned me to really ease back into things slowly as he thinks the cold is a sign that I need more recovery time...Coach's orders!

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