Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Days Blogging - Day Two

Ooooo, I'm watching The Biggest Loser whilst I blog and Jillian is kicking some major ass.  This chick is doing the squat machine and is whining, snivelling and rolling her eyes at Jillian.  ROLLING HER EYES AT JILLIAN!!  Has she never watched this show before?  Is she insane?  Does she not realize that Jillian is trying to help her?  Does she not realize that she's so lucky to work with her, when so many other people would die for the opportunity?  Does she not realize that Jillian is going to open up a can of whoop ass on her??  *shaking head*

Aiiight, on to the Ten Days Blogging gig!   So Day Two....list nine things about yourself that most people don't know...
  1. I always dream about toilets overflowing.  
  2. I don't like making left hand turns because I'm always worried that if I don't go at the right time, the person behind me is going to get pissed off.  The pressure, the pressure!
  3. I'm scared of dolls, especially the ones with eyes that open and close.  Mannequins too.  Freaky.
  4. I failed out of  first year university.  I think on my Chemistry final, I got like 30% or something. I hated the courses I took and didn't care at all.
  5. I hated running in school.  I sucked at it too.
  6. When I was younger, I wished I wasn't Chinese because I couldn't do cool eyeshadow tricks with my monolids.
  7. I love trashy TV shows...the trashier the better.  I kind of want to check out Jersey Shore.  When I'm at home sick, I treat myself to Jerry Springer and Maury Povich.  Don't hate, don't hate....you don't know me!
  8. I used to be a Beatles fanatic - I still love them.  I think John Lennon is the greatest musician that ever lived.  I hate Paul McCartney though, his songs suck.
  9. I still miss my CRX and look for it on the road all the time.  I bought that car when I was 20 and sold it when I was 37...I cried and cried the night the buyer drove it away.  So many things changed in my life but that car was always there.  I love my current car but it's just not the same.  OK, I'd better stop thinking about it because I'm going to start crying!  Ha!

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