Thursday, September 23, 2010


Man, lately I'm a bundle of medical issues. I've been having problems with my toenails lately, they've been feeling really tender - at first I thought it was just because I was running a know, the usual sore toenail business from all the impact on the front of my shoes.  Not so!  I went to go see a podiatrist today because the throbbing was waking me up in the middle of the night.  Apparently due to advancing age (gah!  don't remind me!), my toenails are starting to grow inward and are pinching the nail bed.  Lovely.  Mr. Podiatrist Man trims them up (holy EFF that hurt - if any podiatrist ever says "this won't hurt", be warned...the mofo is lying through his teeth), and starts rotating my foot and says "hmmm...your range of motion is really high on your ankles" I thought this was a good thing.  Again...not so!  The angle that my foot bends from side to side is apparently quite extreme - the most he's ever seen is 14%, I was at 12%.  He then asks me to bend my wrists and fingers and I guess I'm like Elastigirl...uber-flexible.  I mentioned my recent foot foibles to Mr. Podiatrist Man, and he says that with the range of motion that I have in my ankles, he's surprised I can even run as far and as much as I can...apparently the only thing that is keeping me running is that I'm not significantly overweight.  Sigh...why do I have to love food so much?  Well, another reason to watch what I eat and get rid of any accumulated marathon pudge!

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