Saturday, September 18, 2010

32K - Not Quite But Not Bad

Well, I didn't quite make 32K this week.  Hubs and I decided to run on one of local trails as we thought it might be easier on his sciatica and my foot.  My physio had said if I could make it to 15K painfree, that I could continue on so I was crossing my fingers that the pain would stay away.

Off we went...Hubs sprinted off as he was feeling pretty good.  I started off slowly - I wasn't feeling terribly energetic today, but after about 3K my body warmed up and I started trucking along.  I decided to do 10 and 1's today, hoping to give my foot a bit of a break from all the hard pounding and I think it worked to some extent.  I made it to 15K without any pain, but I could feel a bit of niggling in the ball of my foot which is how this whole thing started on my 32K run three weeks ago.  I really wanted to do the scheduled 32K today, but thought better of it and tried for 24K...but finally decided to stop at 22K.  I didn't want to inflame things too much and I was starting to feel it act up, but it was definitely not as painful as last week.  Not sure if it was the running surface or what it was, but I'm happy I was able to get that far without any acute pain.  It's a bit sore now, but I'm able to walk on it.

Poor Hubs though...he got to about 12K and his sciatica really started acting up.  At this point, we're not sure if we're going to change our races - his from the half to the 8K, and me from the full to the half.  We were talking about it and while I don't expect to have some stellar marathon time - I don't want to walk half the race, I want to run this thing.  I want my first marathon to be a good experience, not one where I'm hobbling along for most of it.  I'm going to see how far I can get next week - 28K scheduled - and then I'll decide what race I, I'm still hoping!

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Angie said...

You could still take R up on that piggy back option. Or a Timber assisted race?

You're a smart cookie... you'll do what's right for you. And there will be green glitter no matter what!