Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chomping at the Bit

Man, it feels like I'm never going to be able to get running again!  It's times like this when I can't run or work out that makes me regret kvetching about having to do a long run or blowing off a workout.

I went to physio today to get my foot checked out - thought it might be a good idea to get it looked at earlier since I only have 32 (gulp) days left to go until the race.  I know I went on and on about how much I love my RMT, but if it's possible...I may just love my physiotherapist a titch more.  She's helped me immensely with my back issues and she really cares how I'm doing.  She's extremely personable and we have some of the best conversations, where we're laughing our heads off about stuff.  And best part is...she used to be a runner!  She's done one marathon and was in the midst of training for her second when she became injured two weeks before her second marathon (she hasn't run in a few years because of it) - so it seems like she is extra supportive of me with this whole marathon gig as she says she's still a runner at heart. 

So I thought I'd developed some sort of plantar fasciitis or some foot problem - but turns out, she thinks it's all related to my chronic back issues.  I guess when I stand, I always favour my left side so am very unbalanced which is, of course, showing up now with all the repetitive running motion.  It was so interesting as she had me stand and bend over at the waist as I normally do.  She then repositioned me slightly so that my hips/back were balanced...and it felt so weird.  She then asked me to bend over, and I almost lost my balance...that's how out of alignment I am.  Incredible.  Because of all this, my muscles are shortening up in my left hip and in my right leg so I'm running with an odd gait, resulting in the sore foot.  I have to work on consciously trying to rebalance how I sit, stand and run - no more zoning out when I run!

To release my muscles, we did a round of IMS, or intramuscular stimulation.  Basically it's kind of like acupuncture with the needles - but instead of putting them in your energy lines, she inserts them into the muscle knots.  The action of the needle causes the muscle to clamp on and tense up, and then release completely.  I'm not going to lie - it can be pretty painful especially if your muscles are really tense - so if you can handle the thought of needles, I'd highly recommend this if your physio ever suggests it...it's made the world of difference with my back and neck issues.  Afterwards there can be some soreness and you can't get a massage or chiropractic adjustment for a few days to give your muscles a break.  Oh...and, you can't work out!  Which is why I'm chomping at the bit because I really wanted to go to bootcamp Wed morning but am going to have to put off any running or working out until Thursday night.  Sigh...well, bright side is - I'll be super rested for my 28K on Saturday!

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