Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Mother of *(#*&*#!!!

So today I had an appointment to see my massage therapist who I love, love, love.  You know what it's like when you find a good hairdresser - you follow them to the ends of the earth, right?  This is me and my RMT.  She's this tiny sweet little thing, but this girl has fingers of steel.  Actually more than steel - titanium.  No...even better yet...adamantium.  She's Wolverine of the massage world!  I started seeing her a few years ago and her hands are definitely magic.  I've been trying to see her at least once a month to keep my back loose and work on anything else that ails me - me and Hubs have already booked our post-race massages.

Anyways, I was so glad to have this appointment, so I could get her to work on my foot.  It's not hurting as badly as it was, but I thought I'd get her to see if she could loosen up the tissues to avoid getting plantar fasciitis, which I think I may be heading towards.  I'm not sure about any of you or if I'm just weird, but I hate getting the arches of my feet massaged.  Like I can't even do it to myself!  It makes me feel weak all over or something.  So picture this - there I am on the massage bed face down, vulnerable...and she starts working away and probing crazy deep right into my arches with her adamantium fingers.  This is what I was doing inside:

Seriously.  I was sweating, I was clenching my fists...I was counting slowly and breathing deeply to work through the pain.  We're having a conversation about what books she's read lately, and the only sounds I can muster are "oh yeah?  really?  cool!  ah hah haha..."  Allie over at Hyperbole and a Half ( summed it up best in her revised pain scale:

I was easily a moments, a 10 when she really got in there.  Darn effing foot fascia!!  Good news's feeling better so I'm hoping to get my 35K in on Saturday.  Just gotta get over this darn cold first!

PS.  You need to go check out Hyperbole and a Half NOW - esp. the "Sneaky Hate Spiral" at:
and  "Texas" for you runners out there (yes, she's one of us!  links on the right side of her blog page) - this girl is funny.  I had to stop reading her blog while eating as I kept choking on my food!

PPS.  Darn cold is turning into a cough.  Boo urns!

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