Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Race Plan

I don't know if it's just in my head or if it's actually the case, but it seems like the older I get, the worse my colds are.  I've never had a cold like this - usually colds stay "above the neck" for me, but I'm achy, crazy tired and am alternating between freezing cold and boiling hot.  I normally don't take stuff for colds as I seem to react the opposite to what the desired effect is - Neo Citran and night time cold meds make me all cagey and wired and I get incredibly thirsty.  However...I gave in today - the throbbing in my head and the pounding in my sinuses were too much for me to handle.  As soon as I got home I popped a few pills, so I'm feeling much better right now - just hope I sleep tonight.

I also stopped by the Running Room  to pick up some new insoles and gel pads for the forefront of my feet to hopefully add more cushioning.  Apparently, Mizunos are not heavily cushioned in that area - while I love the lightness of the shoe, that might be an area that they're lacking.  I'm really hoping that the sore foot thing doesn't hold me back.  As I was picking up the gel pads, I started chatting with one of the girls who worked there, and who was training on her second marathon.  I asked her what advice she could pass on to this marathon noob.  This got me to thinking - since I haven't been able to work out/run since Saturday due to my foot/cold, I could at least start to put some thought into my race plan.  

Pre-Race Preparation:
 - 1 Nuun every day for one week leading up to the race
 - Hydrate min 3L/day for one week leading up to the race
 - Minimum 7 hours sleep for one week leading up to race, go to bed extra early Friday night before race (apparently, the sleep you get two nights before the race is most important)
 - Banana/nutella before race
 - Cold F/X, echinacea, Vitamin C and oil of oregano every day for 10 days leading up to the race

 - Gu gels, Espresso flavour (2x caffeine) - 1 Gu 15 mins before start, 1 Gu every 6K after
 - Bring one pack of Gu Chomps (just in case I need a pick me up without needing to take a full gel)
 - 1 Saltstick capsule at the beginning, 1 capsule halfway through (bring one extra)
 - Advil - take with me just in case but try not to take it unless I have to (hard on my stomach)

 - Water at each aid station (approx. every 3K)
 - Wear water belt (I'm going to pick up a 2 bottle belt by Nathan - the pouch for gels is much bigger than the one that I currently have)

 - Walk through each aid station, esp. at the beginning
 - 6:30/km for the first 14K, 6:15/km for the next 14K, target 6:00 - 6:15/km for the last 14K

 - Lululemon running skirt (I WILL look cute in my race photos - no spandex short catastrophes this time!)
 - Underarmour singlet
 - iPod (very important!  must work on my marathon playlist soon)

This is the plan for now anyways - I'm sure I'll change my mind over the next six weeks!

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Marlene said...

There is something going around it seems... it SUCKS! Feel better soon.

Your race plan looks great! You are going to be ready to go.

P.S. I tagged you for an award in today's post!