Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's All Good

OK, yeah... so yesterday was not a stellar day, but today was a great one and I'm feeling much more zen about things.  The foot is still hurting a lot so I'm walking on it gingerly and popping lots of Advil to keep the edge off the pain, but the upsetedness (is that a word?) is significantly reduced today.  Hubs came home yesterday after I phoned him and blubbered my face off, so he pulled out his entire routine of goofy antics to make me laugh (which worked).  I then gingerly approached the subject of a "next year" IF I can't do it this year (I'm still remaining hopeful that the running gods will smile upon me) and he pretended to pass out, giggled and then said that of course he'd train with me - we get to hang together and he benefits from the extra exercise.  What a good, good guy he is.  And honestly - yesterday I felt like a failure and down on myself for wimping out (or rather mad at my body for giving out), but sleeping on it has put things into perspective and I'm feeling more positive.  I'm going to draw on all the law of attraction vibes I can, so I'm going to start with this statement...

"I'm looking forward to crossing that finish line after the marathon on October 10th!" 

Thanks Universe, do with it what you will!  And you know what?  If I don't end up running the marathon this Fall, well watch out because next Spring - I'm going to smash my half marathon personal best and gun for a 1:50 finish - look for that on my 2011 goals.

Anyways - on with my day.  I started the morning off with an awesome visit with one of my besties B - we have a once a month Sunday morning coffee ritual and it's always so much fun when we get together.  We're like two old hens, catching up on each other's lives and having a giggle or two while we're at it.  After our little coffee klatch, I went off to the local SPCA's Paws for a Cause walk.  R does annual fundraising for this so I joined as part of her team and I raised $630...and our team is #1 in BC - woot!  It was pouring outside today, but it was fun to hang with KEW & A and it felt good to help out a cause that I care for.  And how can anyone remain sad being surrounded by doggies in bandannas and little rain jackets??

After the walk, I met up with family for a nice lunch and then out for dinner with some family friends.  I really didn't want to go - but you know how when you're not really wanting to go to something and it turns out fun?  This is what happened - we dined like kings on some fresh crab that the host caught that morning (soooo good), had some delish Vietnamese food and some hilarious conversation with two of the most generous and genuine folks I've ever met.  Awesome. can one be sad and miserable after such a great Sunday?  Today - it's all good. *smiles*