Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Need Inspiration?

Alrighty - I'm a sucker for a good video and this one is awesome.  I spotted this on another blog and had to share this with you folks.  Not only does it use the best song from the best band in the world ever (Chris Martin - dump that bone rack Gwyneth and run away with me)....but it's totally inspirational what this guy has done with his life through running and exercise.  This inspires me to get out there and keep putting one foot in front of another.  Check out the rest of Ben's blog at http://bendoeslife.tumblr.com/. ....pretty amazing.

To all you criers out there?  Go get yourself some kleenex first before you watch this video.  Do it, do it now...or at least make sure you have long sleeves because you're gonna need them.  Just sayin'. 

Kudos to you, Ben.  I think I miiiight just have a little crush on you.


Angie said...

Oy... crying now.
Inspirational indeed!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Oh my gawd!!! Thanks for sharing, I cried when I saw the Marathon medal!

And at some other parts too. Okay, through most of the video.