Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mr. Right Leg - You Can Do It!

Oooooch.  My right leg is hurting and achy, but it's a good kind of hurting and achy.  I went to see my physio last night, and filled her in on my foot woes.  She wanted to see me run on the treadmill (darn, I hadn't brought my runners with me, duh) to watch my form.  It was kind of funny - she had me change into this huge t-shirt and shorts, so big that she couldn't see how my body moved.  I had luckily worn a tank top to work so changed into that and kept the shorts on...but as I was running, the shorts kept falling off me.  Now this wouldn't have been so bad if the office was empty.  But there I was, sprinting like all get out with a regular bra on so the girls were all over the place (gah) and my shorts were halfway down my bum exposing my delicate unmentionables in front of the waiting room and all the other clients.  And she had to keep lifting my top so she could see how my back and hips moved so my none-too-firm midriff was exposed and jiggling somewhat violently.  I didn't really realize there were so many people around until I got off the treadmill and turned around and everyone was staring at me.  Like that "I can't avert my eyes it's like a train wreck" kind of staring.  It's times like these I wish I was Frodo from the Lord of the Rings so I could just disappear at will.  Oh, le sigh.

My physio's verdict - when I run, every third or so strike on my right leg crosses over the mid-line of my body, so she's thinking that is the issue.  It's not a foot problem exactly, but the pain is showing up in the foot because I'm contacting on parts that I shouldn't be.  It kind of makes sense because if I'm curling my leg across my body, I'd be hitting the outside edge of my foot where the pain is.  The problem?  Tight bum and inner thigh muscles, pulling my leg to the middle.  The treatment?  More IMS in my bum (ouch) and right in the vulnerable, delicate, sensitive upper inner thigh region.  Like upper upper innermost thigh.  Yeeeaaah.  I didn't love getting needles there and it was painful, but I could feel the difference in flexibility immediately after.  So...I'm allowed to run on Saturday up to 15K, and if I'm pain-free, I can continue on...I'm supposed to do 32K so here's hoping!  If I can get myself up to the mid-twenties this weekend, I would be thrilled.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will be pulling out all my lucky charms and working on my karma.  Marathon Quest 2010 is still a possibility.  C'mon Mr. Right Leg - you can do it!

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Angie said...

Train wreck looks? Pifffft!
Perhaps they were looking at that tight bum and thighs!
Good to hear that some treatment is in the works! Although those needles don't sound so much like fun!