Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Decision Made

Well, I decided to go with my gut and changed my registration from the full marathon to the half this morning.  I didn't feel ready to do the full and like I'd said previously - if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna DO it.  I drafted the email this morning and sat with it unsent for awhile in my inbox...maybe I could do it...maybe.  Then finally I did the deed and hit the send button...and I feel OK about it, which means I must be doing the right thing.  I just finished a really hard treadmill run which felt soooo great...the thought of not being able to run for months if I injured myself at the race would kill me!  My FIL was registered for the full but has a heel spur plus some other injuries so he's decided to change to the half I was proposing to Hubs that we do this almost like a fun run since he's not able to go much further than 12K with his "broken bum" (what he calls his sciatica issue) bugging him.  I thought about trying to do a a sub 2 hour half, but 95% of my training were long slow runs so I'm not sure if I could even hit that if I tried at this point.  So I think we're just going to go out there, run for some exercise and have some fun!


Forward Foot Strides said...

Enjoy the half marathon, that's nice that you'll be running with FIL. Hope your hubs get feeling better soon!

Angie said...

Oh man... I don't know if I can ever look your hubs in the eye now that I know about broken bum!

Angie said...

P.S. - good on ya for trusting your gut. The gut never lies - never.
Do we still get to come and cheer you on?